Bucks County Wine Tours

Bucks County Wineries and Bucks County Vineyards make people Happy


  Visit one of the Bucks County Wineries. Pa Wine Tours is your Bucks County wine tours service guide! We offer Wine Tasting on the Bucks County Wine Trail.  For 1 passenger($395) or up to 8 people ($595) in a Limousine or SUV. you will access Bucks County wine trail friendly and scenic wineries. You can ask what are the wineries near me or wine tasting near me in Bucks County. Your location should not choose the winery, we will pick you up anywhere and take you the vineyard and Bucks County wineries that will interest you. 

  Pa wine tours in Bucks County specializes in providing wine tours of wineries in and around the area of Bucks County, We have so many beautiful Vineyards in Pa! The Bucks County Wine Trail has many acres in Pa, which consists of approximately 10 wineries and enables Bucks County Pennsylvania to produce some of the best award-winning wines. 

  Pa Wine Tours have traveled throughout Bucks County, mapping out specific wine tours that will allow you to experience the best wineries in Bucks County in the most efficient manner. Each Bucks County wine tour generally includes two to five wineries and takes approximately six hours. Because every tour we do is different and every group of people is unique the wine tour will vary on you. Our strategic planning and first class service will take you to the first winery, how the day goes from there are up to you. We do not make any appointments and you are not on any time schedule when you are ready to move on to the next vineyard we will follow the wine trail we have planned for you. We know that there are too many Vineyards and Wineries in Pa to see them all in one day if you book with us; we know you will want to see more of the wine tours in Pa. 

Some of the Wineries on the Bucks County Wine Trail

Peace Valley Winery
Unami Ridge
Rushland Ridge Vineyards
Buckingham Valley Vineyards
Crossing Vineyards and Winery
Rose Bank Winery
Wycombe Vineyards
Sand Castle Winery
New Hope Winery 

Some wineries in New Jerseys that we 

stop at also.

Beneduce Vineyards,

Mount Salem Vineyards,

Unionville Vineyards.

Try to call anytime if you like if we have cars out we will still answer