Wine Tours and Wine Tours near me

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Wine Tours in Pa. go to the Wineries in Pa.

Pa Wine Tours will be happy to make any wine tour in Pa you would like to go on happen for you.

 You can ask what are the Wine tours near me or wineries near me. We will take care of your wine tasting in Pa from there. Just go have fun at a winery. If you book with us; we know you will want to see more of the Vineyarsrds and wine tours in Pa. Yes go to any of the wineries in Pa or anywhere. 

Wine Tour Pricing

Pa Wine tours is a website of Allway's Limo and all vehicles are operated by Allwy's Limo


Limousine 8 Passenger $695. for the first three hours & 20% tip. each additional hours is $95. & 20% tip.

We do three specials:

#1 Limo 10:00am to 4:00pm $695. & 20% tip

#2 Limo 8 hours for $895.00 & 20% tip

#3 limo 15 Hours for $1275. & tip

Small SUV 6 Passenger $420. & 20%

10:00am to 4:00pm 


$520. & 20% for 8 Hours

Sunday through Thursday 

Limousine 8 Passenger $95 - hr & 20% tip.minimum of 4 hours.

Small SUV 6 Passenger $75. per hour & 20% tip Minimun of 4 Hours


Limousine 8 Passenger $95 per & 20% tip.minimum of 6 hours.

Small SUV 6 Passenger $6. per hour & 20% tip Minimun of 6 Hours

Cost at each Vineyard or Winery

While you are on you Wine Tours you my choose to do a wine tasting or just purchaes a glass of wine or a bottle of wine at the wineries.

Most of the Winery charge $10 to $15. per person for the Wine Tasting.

Everyone in you party does not need to do a wine tasting. Yes there are people that just go for the fun of it.

When are the Wineries Open

The Vineyards and Wineries are open all year long, most of them every day. You do need to look into them first to make sure.